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Wood - Stone - Bronze

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I have always been drawn to three dimensional work that comments on the passing of time, erosion and decay. The texture and patina of formal sculpture used for worship or veneration holds a particular fascination for me, specifically the heads, hands or feet that have been touched by millions over the centuries. Works abandoned in the past and rediscovered or even architectural features in Gothic cathedrals like worn stone stairways hold a deep interest for me. With the natural patina of history in mind I try to give those viewing my work a strong desire to touch the work and the feeling that it may once have had great significance to others in the past and has retained its strong emotional charge if not its original meaning.

Most of my work is presented on a contrasting base. This highly angular and machine accurate foundation draws attention to the far more fluid, often abstract and hopefully profound exhibited form. I have drawn great motivation from the homes, gardens and most importantly the studio spaces of other artists. I use these experiences to develop the layers of the final surface and to consider the scale and placing of the finished piece. Seeing work in progress as they left it, the development of ideas and how problems are overcome or in some cases abandoned is something that I recognise, have engaged with and aspire to.

Nigel Walker